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You Don’t Need to Suffer with Migraines

You Don’t Need to Suffer with Migraines!

What are Migraines?
You never forget your first migraine….or the second or third. They are different to headaches and often the debilitating effects of a migraine can be so severe that it simply hurts to open your eyes. A migraine can causes patients to cancel plans, miss work or be stuck in a dark room for days trying to escape the pain.

Migraine is a neurological disease characterised by moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pain and extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smell. The pain is often preceded by an aura, a visual, sensory or motor disturbance which signals the headache will soon occur.

What causes Migraines?
The exact mechanisms of a migraine are not known however it is believed the actual pain associated with the migraine is from a constriction of the blood vessels of the head. Migraines are a problem affecting the central nervous system, which is why Chiropractors have such great success in treating them. It is our role as Chiropractors to calm down a patient’s nervous system.

The factors that contribute to the migraine can be a number of different causes and more often a combination of causes.

Factors affecting a migraine:-
• Stress- often emotional stress
• Poor posture and muscle tension- can cause tightening of the muscles of the upper back and neck
• Hormonal Imbalances- menstruation, ovulation, birth control pills
• TMJ- jaw misalignment causing neck tension
• Poor detox pathways- causing a build up of toxicity
• Dehydration- a lack of water
• Food intolerances- Chocolate, cheese, beer, wine, orange juice, chemicals, MSG, artificial colours and flavourings
What we can do to help?
At Optimum Health Essentials we have a lot of experience in treating patients that have suffered from migraines. Experience has shown that people have different factors contributing to their migraines and it can be all of the above factors or just a few. Some people have only the stress factors that can be greatly relieved by Neuro-emotional technique. For other people their main issue is hormonal conditions.

Please don’t despair and think nothing can be done to relieve the pain of debilitating migraines, we are here to help.







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