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Low Level Laser Therapy: Natural, Safe and Effective First Aid for Acute Injuries

low level laser therapy

Have you ever sprained your ankle whilst exercising or felt a twinge in your back after lifting something you probably shouldn’t have? What’s the first thing you do?  Maybe strap it? Put a heat or an ice pack on it? If the pain is bad, take an anti-inflammatory, hoping it will go away? Anti-inflammatory medication works by blocking biochemical pathways of inflammation, whereas laser therapy assists in the resolution of the natural inflammatory process. It is important to assist the body during the acute inflammatory stage of an injury as this lowers the risk of this injury becoming chronic. Low Level Laser Therapy can significantly accelerate the healing process, stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal, getting you back on your feet sooner!

Low Level Laser Therapy has a 3-stage approach to healing. Initially laser blocks the pain receptors to the injury site.  Next, the damaged cells absorb the laser light, converting it to energy and increasing oxygen levels which assist in the reduction of inflammation; and finally, laser facilitates the promotion of healing. Each time the injury site is treated it improves the flow of both blood and lymph, helping the body to recover. Early laser intervention also helps with the alignment of scar tissue and reduces the risk of re-injury. The effects of low-level laser are cumulative, meaning that each treatment continues to build on from the previous one. Once your treatment is finished your body will continue to respond and promote healing on a cellular level. 

Our Super-Pulsed 25w Laser is a non-invasive, painless, safe, effective, drug free therapy that offers a natural solution to getting you out of pain.

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– Hilary Lex, Practitioner


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