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Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology

Your body is a self-healing system, not just a symptom

Where the pain is, is rarely where the problem originates. We use a holistic perspective for addressing underlying causes. You can do more than just recover or manage your symptoms. You can heal, evolve and expand your capability.

Better health – naturally

Headaches, jaw pain, chronic joint pain, lower back instability, autoimmunity, low immunity, digestive issues, eczema, asthma, depression, anxiety and insomnia are all warning signs of the imbalances in the systems of the body.

Using the intelligence of the body to find where the imbalances are in your system, Applied Kinesiology allows a broad range of “stressors” to be tested using muscle testing as a biofeedback tool.

In practice, this allows the practitioner to test a broad range of possible causes or associated regions quickly and efficiently. More complex issues can then be further assessed using x-rays, MRI or other imaging techniques. We also frequently refer for blood tests and digestive system pathology to clearly identify the underlying problems or to optimise the system for performance and longevity.

We want you to be free to live without pain, and with the energy, focus and clarity to realise your dreams.

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Better health naturally