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Gut feeling – why healing trauma and releasing “stuck” emotions is good for your gut health, and overall wellbeing.

Gut Health

You may have heard the quote “all disease begins in the gut.” Gut health really is the cornerstone of all health. 

Your gut contains 70-80% of your immune cells, which means your gut basically affects everything. It can be the root cause of a low immune system, chronic fatigue and pain, allergies, anxiety, a foggy brain and depression

The gut often causes inflammation that not only affects our gut with symptoms such as bloating, constipation and pain but also our mood and mental state. This is often termed the Gut-Brain axis whereby the gut communicates with the brain via the vagus nerve. 

The body works as a system, so to help heal these symptoms; a multifaceted approach is always necessary. 

Most often we look at 3 main aspects-

1) Changing the diet to remove the high inflammatory foods

2) Detoxing the body of harmful toxins such as bad bacteria, viruses and parasites

3) Healing the emotions that have created the stressful state of your gut

To address your diet we will assess your health history, palpate the inflamed area to understand what part of the gut is involved, use Applied Kinesiology to scan for reactive foods and often quantify the degree of sensitivity by using the Food Inflammatory Test (Link Jeanette) to see not only what foods affect you but to understand what foods are your most reactive and what foods are generally safe for you to eat. Even nutritious foods such as eggs and strawberries can be sensitive foods for different individuals.

We often send for comprehensive stool tests. This helps us determine the state of your microbiome. Often patients have undetected parasites, yeast overgrowth, or an overgrowth of bad bacteria. These are treated with an integrative approach i.e. some of these bad bugs may respond to dietary change and antibacterial/parasite herbs but some may require more aggressive treatment and specific antibiotics or antiparasitic medications.

Blood tests are sometimes required to ascertain the state of your immune system, deficiencies of key nutrients and degree of inflammation.

Gut inflammation is often driven by stress putting the whole system into sympathetic dominance or fight/flight mode. This weakens your digestion, and reduces immune effectiveness causing a descending spiral of gut symptoms.

You may have experienced NET (Neuro-emotional Technique) in the clinic. 

But have you experienced NET whilst you’re detoxing your gut???

This takes clearing the body of old thought patterns to a whole new level. 

We find toxins such a bad bacteria, parasites and viruses are often linked to negative thought patterns or stressful events that have happened during your lifetime. 

These toxins often carry a charged emotion related to the events that were happening at that particular time in your life. 

Once old thought patterns are changed, toxins are often free to be expelled from the body as the environment they were housed (your gut) in is no longer in the same stressed state. 

Please call us to see how you can effectively achieve great results and get to the root cause of your gut and/or mood symptoms.

  • Dr Shannon Egan (Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist and NET Practitioner)


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