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Optimum Health Essentials Detox Retreat

Join us on a beautiful organic farm 30 minutes from the heart of Byron Bay and get away from the everyday distractions.

In a supportive environment you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and what your body truly needs to maintain a high level of energy and vitality. Letting go of unwanted habits and mental conditioning to really live your best life.

Detox, Energise and Evolve

To heal and engage in life fully we need energy. Our modern diets and lifestyles mean that we are usually spending more energy than we cultivate. This leaves us stuck in patterns, tired, and reaching for sugar and stimulants like caffeine.

Often people then use alcohol to relax. This creates a toxic cycle that builds inflammation and causes your body to age and degenerate, as well as contributing to mental health issues and substance dependency.

This retreat takes away the burden of the everyday routine and lets you receive in restorative and nourishing ways for your body, mind and spirit.

Let go and receive

Detoxing is not just about the body, it’s about our mind and spirit. When a safe space is created, we can process the negative energy and emotions that we can accumulate through life. This allows the space for our true Self to emerge.

When we open to this level of consciousness, we feel our deep connection to life and more trust in the way life unfolds for us. As we integrate our past it becomes wisdom.

Instead of being controlled and reacting to our unresolved feelings we can consciously choose our path forward and be more loving and less reactive with the world.

This Detox Retreat will include:

Airport Transfers To and From Ballina Airport

Delicious Organic Meal On Arrival

Organic Cold Pressed Detox Juices and Broths

Fasting is the most powerful detox we can experience and juices and broths give your body the nutrients required for deep cleansing and healing.

The Best Detox Supplements and Binders

Detoxing is a science and whilst we provide every opportunity for the body to heal itself, we understand that we can enhance this process and make it feel easier with the right supplements. We also use binders to make sure that what your body is releasing is not reabsorbed. This makes the detox more effective and helps you to feel good through the process.

Daily Infra-Red Sauna

To support healing and detoxification. (More about the benefits)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy with Brainwave Entrainment

Designed to calm the nervous system and support cellular detoxification. Excellent for reducing adrenal fatigue and inflammation (More about the benefits)

Daily Kahuna Massage (Wed/Thurs/Fri).

Yes, that's right. Three days of amazing massage. Kahuna massage relaxes your body, supports lymphatic detoxification and nourishes your soul. Our Kahuna therapists are incredible at what they do. If you have never experienced Kahuna massage you are in for a wonderful experience. It may seem indulgent to get massaged three days in a row but this process literally unwinds the stored stress from your body, which is essential for detoxification and mental revitalisation.

Personal Integrative Health Consultation with Dr Matthew Bourke

Matthew is a Holistic Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, health and mindset coach. This session will address any physical alignment issues affecting your nervous system and release “stuck” emotions that can unbalance your system and lead to chronic stress patterns. Stress accumulates in the body and acts like a toxin. Releasing stuck emotional patterns facilitates the body’s detoxification and supports the elevation of consciousness.

Daily Yoga and Breath Workshops

Personal “Yoga of Life” Session

With Campbell Wilson to support you and embed life-enriching habits.

Health Information

To empower you with knowledge on how to optimise your body and mind.

Practices and Processes

To support you to overcome cravings and aversions. Acquiring a mindset that is not controlled by cravings or avoiding negative feelings is essential for self-evolution and living a life of purpose and inner fulfillment.

30 Day Post Retreat Plan

“The problems of today will not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
We have watched many people transform themselves and their life by shifting their consciousness and changing their habits. We support this by having a pre and post retreat process that helps you embed the changes that you want to make.
We also offer ongoing coaching and education programs as well as our clinical services, sauna, iMRS and EWOT back in the practice.

Upcoming Retreat Dates

This retreat is located on a beautiful 170 acre Wybalena Organic Farm, 30 minutes from the heart of Byron Bay and only 45 minutes from Ballina Airport.

Wybalena Organic Farm is nestled into the lush green hinterland with beautiful walks and plenty of space for you to truly unwind. This is a purpose built retreat space with a four bedroom main house and individual cabins, a pool, infra-red sauna and yoga studio.

The main house and cabins have been carefully designed to make the most of the stunning views and tranquility of the property.

Retreat Dates for 2024:

13 – 17 March

8 – 12 May

16 – 20 Oct

Retreat Days and Times:

Start: Wednesday, 10am
Finish: Sunday, 10am

Accommodation Options and Retreat Rates

At Wybalena there are a variety of different rooms, ranging from basic twin rooms to Scandinavian inspired oak floored cabins and deluxe king bed rooms with ensuite and bath. The main house and cabins have been carefully designed to make the most of the stunning views and tranquility of the property.

Accommodation can be viewed at https://www.wybalenaorganicfarm.com.au

The King Superior Rooms (Main House)

Located in the main house. They are very spacious and include a large ensuite.

➔ 1 Person – $4100
➔ 2 People (couple) – $6500

Queen Rooms (Main House)

The main house also has two smaller bedrooms with queen beds, built-in wardrobes and shared bathroom with one other room.

➔ 1 Person – $3300

Cabin (1 Bedroom)

All freestanding cabins come with their own kitchen, bathroom, lounge room and verandah.

➔ 1 Person – $4100
➔ 2 People (couple) – $6500

Cabin (2 Bedroom)*

The two bedroom cabins are perfect if you are coming with a friend. There are verandahs at either end, separated by the lounge room so you can choose to connect or have time to yourself. The two bedroom cabins share a bathroom.

➔ Per Person with 2 people per cabin – $3500
➔ Book a 2 bedroom cabin for yourself – $5500

*One of the two bedroom cabins has a larger bathroom to suit anyone with a disability.

Pool Rooms (Double bed with own bathroom)

The most affordable rooms are the four pool rooms. They have a double bed, their own ensuite, front verandah and are close to the main house, yoga studio, sauna and pool.

➔ 1 Person – $3200

Real Attendee Feedback

A note from your facilitators

Detox Retreat Facilitators

This retreat is transformative and empowering and there has never been a more important time to understand what it takes to have radiant health, to be in control of your habits, create space for your body to heal, your mind to rest and to connect with who you are now.

To maximise your detoxification and the outcomes of the retreat, pre-cleanse information and further instructions will be emailed to you in the weeks preceding the retreat. Pay particular attention to the pre-cleanse instructions in the week prior to the retreat.

Please take the time to read all information carefully and don’t hesitate to contact Julie-Anne if you have any questions.

With passion and radiant health,
Dr Matthew Bourke, Deana Bourke and Campbell Wilson

Please contact Julie-Anne Halpin via below contacts:
Phone: (02) 9999 1680
Email: retreats@optimumhealthessentials.com.au

Julie-Anne will confirm room availability, confirm any specific dietary requirements, and answer any questions you may have in regards to your stay at Wybalena for the OHE Detox Retreat.
A deposit of $1000 will be required up front to secure your place.
The final balance is due 4 weeks prior to the retreat start date.