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Sporting Injuries and Low Level Laser Therapy

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Sporting Injuries

A simple, scientifically proven, non-invasive, drug free solution to faster healing and improved performance!

Attention all athletes, cross-fitters, runners and gym goers! Would you like a simple, drug free, non-invasive way to improve performance whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury; as well as achieving a speedier recovery time from any injuries sustained?

Research has shown that having Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) prior to competing/training, significantly improves endurance, performance and strength, whilst at the same time, reducing the likelihood of injury.  Also, having LLLT post performance reduces muscle soreness, as well as speeds up recovery time on any injuries sustained*.

LLLT uses light to help boost the body’s natural healing response. It activates the ‘powerhouse centre’ of the cell, increasing blood supply to damaged cells. This in turn assists in the reduction of pain, inflammation and swelling, and ultimately helps remove ‘rust’ from the body. LLLT also activates the lymphatic system, helping to rid the body of toxic waste build up.

In addition, LLLT has also been found to be as successful at managing/eliminating pain as taking anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS) medication but without any of the side effects*, offering a drug free solution to being pain free!

 To experience faster healing and improved performance, call 02 9999 1680.

*Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) improves performance and accelerates recovery of high-level Rugby players in field test: A randomized, crossover, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. Pinto HD, Vanin AA, Miranda EF, Tomazoni SS, Johnson DS, Albuquerque-Pontes GM, Aleixo Junior IO, Grandinetti VD, Caselechi HL, de Carvalho PT, Leal-Junior EC
*Acute Effects of Phototherapy Applied in Association of Strength Training: Preliminary Results. Vannin AA, dos Santos Monteiro Machado C. Antonialli FC. Leal-Junior EC
*“ …laser therapy was able to restore function, to relieve pain and to avoid the complications of the disease or NSAIDs therapy (digestive or renal) at RA onset…”  C. Ailioaie, M.D. Medical Office for Laser Therapy, Iassy, RO Laura Marinela Lupusoru-Ailioaie, M.D. LLLT Original Articles, Laser therapy Volume. 11-2, pg.79


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