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Cleaning out the closet

Winter is officially over and we all can’t wait for the sun to shine down. It’s common place to take this time to start fresh for the year – clean out those clothes you haven’t worn for years, dust the room that you never use and of course, start working towards the ‘new you’ for summer.

By taking this time to focus on yourself and how you can make a few little changes to feel better, you’ll see a world of difference (just like when you clean out that old closet).

But why should you do it? Everyday diseases that are common in our life can be likened to plants growing in soil. If you treat your soil well, plants will flourish. But if you litter your soil with garbage and chemicals, you’ll probably end up with a not so healthy plant (and lots of weeds). One of the emerging fields of science is epigenetics, which relates to how our genes are expressed. Genes will either be “switched on” or “switched off”, according to the signals they receive. When your body’s environment interferes with the coding of your DNA, you can have an unpredictable outcome. Not surprisingly, this can create unwanted changes in your DNA which are often negative to your body and health.

So what can you do to make sure your body flourishes? Here’s 5 quick tips:

  • Drink lots of water. Yes, you’ve heard it so many times before because guess what? They’re right.
  • Green leafy vegetables. Even the ugly ones are good for you. In fact, let’s say the uglier the better.
  • Get outside! Seriously. Stop and breathe that fresh air, feel the grass underneath your toes.
  • Let go. Too much time is spent thinking about the past or planning the future. Don’t let little old ‘now’ be forgotten.

Nail these 5 things and you are on a sure fire way to feeling better and living longer. If you need help with any of the 5 tips in clearing out your closet, call the integrated natural health care experts at Optimum Health Essentials on (02) 9999 1680.


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