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Can you Achieve More by Sitting Still?

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Can you Achieve More by Sitting Still?

Life is busy! Each year time goes by faster than before. When it comes to families, work and life in general we place more pressure on ourselves and on what we can realistically achieve.

So we ask the question, Can you Achieve More by Sitting Still? 

Our answer is YES, with MEDITATION.
Meditation refers to a practice designed to promote relaxation and build internal “Ki” life force. It is used to clear the mind and can assist in easing many health concerns for example depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Now days we find our mind and bodies in a state of “flight or fight”. This state switches on our sympathetic nervous system which increases our heart rate and turns on our adrenals to prepare us for “battle”. The trouble is we now see our daily life as a battle, our adrenals stay switched on, welcoming stress, high blood pressure, anxiety etc.
Meditation assists by activating our para sympathetic nervous system. This system enables the body to relax, digest and our nervous system begins to calm. By meditating we clear the “unnecessary” thoughts, feelings and emotions and act on what is real “right now”. Our day becomes effortless and the way we see our surroundings begin to change.

With this internal power we can do more with less of the effort and stress we are used to. It empowers us to see the positive change we make not only within ourselves but with those around us. The question is now, how do you choose the right Meditation that works with you in your current stage of life?
At OHE we find the greatest benefit out of the following two meditations:
1) Guided Meditation.
This is a wonderful way to start if you are new to Meditation. A teacher “guides” your way through a series of sensations and thoughts. It usually comes in the form of an audio podcast or you can download an App, convenient for Meditating any time or anywhere. Examples of Guided Meditations are Andrew Johnson Healing App or Andrew Johnson Power Nap.

2) Vedic Meditation
Vedic Meditation is a very effortless and natural form of meditating. It is done by sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening. What you learn to do is “de-excite” the mind and take it into a very settled state. This is our favourite form of Meditation. More information can be found through www.garrygorrow.com, www.lesleyannbecker.com and www.mh-meditation.com.

With Meditation, you really can achieve more by sitting still. Finding 10 or 20 minutes per day may seem at the start a challenge but once you find the Meditation that “fits” with you it will become a part of your every day.

At OHE we will gladly assist you and inform you of the Meditations we love. Please contact us on 02 9999 1680.


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