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A Health concept so simple you can bank on it!

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A health concept so simple you can bank on it!

Most of us invest our hard earned money in the bank – we like the bank because it is secure, flexible and we can (if we are disciplined) earn quite a bit of interest.

Some of us consider karma a kind of banking system, where we deposit our good deeds and kindness in order to make our lives fuller and richer.

But what if we thought about our health in the same way we do about our money?

By investing in your Health Bank you are increasing your adaptive potential.
In times of stress (your body’s inability to adapt to a changing environment), such as a GFC (general fatigue crisis), if your Health Bank is in credit, you are able to make a withdrawal (adapt) without going into debt, accumulating symptoms or experiencing pain.

While this appears to be a simple concept, the way we look at health in the modern world is all too often reactive. We only do something about it when we have symptoms (and all too often we wait for the symptoms to be painful). Then we tend to cover up the pain using pain ‘killers’ and never bother to find the cause of the dis-ease.

There is unfortunately, a common false belief that if no symptoms are obvious then we must be healthy. This is similar to the false belief of, if we have no debt we must be wealthy.

No symptoms simply means we have “no symptoms”. To be healthy in the future depends a lot on the quality of the health investments we make today.

As medical treatment costs are sky-rocketing in the developed world for acquired chronic sickness, the prevention and investment in our well being is becoming more important than ever.

The quality of our investments will determine the quality of our returns. Having ongoing healthy spinal joint health and nerve flow, real food and nutrition as well as healthy emotional expression are all key to having a health bank balance that will pay dividends now and in years to come.
Optimum Health Essentials will help you invest in the right areas of your health – make and appointment to check your Health Bank balance today, call 02 9999 1680.







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