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31st October by Hilary Lex


Who loves going to the dentist?  Not many I’m guessing, however probably like me, we do it because we know that it’s an important part of our family’s health and well-being.

I could almost feel a little bit sorry for dentists…can’t be great knowing that the majority of people don’t particularly like you, and cannot exit that dental chair fast enough! So imagine your despair when at a routine check-up you’re given the news that all your wisdom teeth need to come out! Any sympathy for dentists suddenly disappears out the window as all you can think about are $$$ signs, as well as thoughts of possible pain and swelling!

As a Low Level Laser Therapist I frequently treat patients post-surgery, dental and otherwise, to assist in the reduction of pain and swelling.  There is much scientific research available that shows the effectiveness of laser to not only speed up the healing process*, but also to assist in the reduction of scar tissue.

Low Level Laser uses light to help boost the body’s natural healing response by stimulating the mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells), as well as helping to boost the immune system. The great thing is that laser is a non-invasive, quick, safe and effective therapy that requires little down time.  It not only treats the symptoms with no side effects, but also enhances the body’s own natural healing process, thus getting to the root cause (no pun intended!) of the problem.

Next time you’re scheduled for major dental work, remember to book yourself an appointment for laser therapy and get yourself up and running again sooner!

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