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Nourish your Nervous System

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Nourish your Nervous System

Nourish your nervous system.
Here are 11 excellent foods that enhance hormone production, brain chemistry, memory, mood, and cognition. Think of these foods as nervous system batteries to bring everything to life.

This mildly woody spice is a key ingredient in many Indian, Persian, and Thai dishes. This “poor man’s” saffron is rich in benefits. The active ingredient, curcumin, is so powerful that it is commonly made into expensive nutraceutical capsules. According to Ajay Goel, Ph.D., Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor Research Institute in Dallas, “Curcumin is a complete well-being tonic – it benefits every organ in the body… It shows promise of fighting nearly every disease.” Dr. Goel suggests that curcumin aids in the prevention of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and depression. Just a note to remember Turmeric is high in Salicylates therefore anyone with chemical sensitivities or kids with behavioural problems should ask their practitioner before taking Turmeric.

Eggs contain choline, one of the superstar brain nutrients. Choline is necessary to produce acetylcholine, which plays a critical role in memory. (Studies have linked acetylcholine deficiencies to memory loss and Alzheimer’s.)

Smart Oils: Olive, Walnut, Avocado, Flax
These oils are far superior to canola, corn and soy oils, which contain Omega-6 fats rather than the brainy Omega-3′s. Dunk and drench everything (edible) in sight.

Tempeh is a smart protein that helps stabilize your blood sugar. And because it’s fermented, you get an extra health boost! Meat eaters can get a brain boost from grass-fed beef, which provides plenty of energizing and balancing B vitamins.

Flax Seeds
So they aren’t exactly truffles, but flax seeds are a true super food. Use them sparingly until you adjust to the taste. It’s worth it to cultivate your taste buds because flax seeds are literally made of nothing but fibre, vitamins, and Omega-3′s. (Flax seeds are a must for vegetarians!)

Beans contain B vitamins, “slow” carbohydrates, and plenty of fibre Fibre has been shown to improve cognition. Get some in that stomach!

Greek Yoghurt
Yoghurt – the really fattening kind – contains tyrosine. Tyrosine perks you up and improves mental alertness. But avoid those sugary yoghurts.

Vegetable-Packed Salad
Your brain really loves antioxidants C and E, so pack that puppy with nuts, seeds, olive oil, bell peppers, broccoli and fruit, too.

Strawberries and Blueberries
These fruits contain antioxidants that help boost cognition, co-ordination, and memory. Eat some berries daily if you can!

Almonds make a perfect smart snack. Not only will the sensible mix of fibre, protein and fat stabilize flagging blood sugar, but the vitamins and minerals in nuts (B, E, magnesium, and more) are excellent for your grey matter!

Oily fish
This is probably the single most important element required for optimal brain health. The brain is 60% fat, but it doesn’t like processed fats, trans fat, or Omega-6 fats. Your brain needs those Omega-3′s! Oily fish like wild Alaskan salmon, mackerel, and tuna contain DHA (docosahexanoic acid), the best form of Omega-3. Increased Omega-3 intake has been linked to alleviation of a spectrum of mental health concerns, from anxiety and irritability to depression and even schizophrenia.

It is difficult to get enough Omega 3 from eating fish these days without risking heavy metal toxicity especially with pelagic fish like Tuna. Smaller fish like Sardines are safer. If you don’t like Sardines or Mackeral then supplement with a purified fish oil or use flaxseed oil.

At Optimum Health Essentials we are here to help you bring your nervous system back to life.

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