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Optimum Health Essentials – Detox Retreat

Optimum Health Essentials

“Today the greatest threats to our health are toxicity and stress. Knowing how to balance these elements is essential to generating radiant health and vitality.” Dr. Matthew Bourke

Held at the beautiful “Wybalena Organic Farm” Byron Bay, this retreat will give you the time, space, facilities and knowledge to cleanse your body at a deep level and reset your mind away from the constant pressures and distractions of daily living. 

Enjoy the space to reflect, rejuvenate and to create a state of emotional and physical well-being. By purifying your essential body systems you will clear your brain and bodyof toxic build up reducing inflammation, pain and fatigue.

Experience the benefits of farm fresh organic produce, picked on the day, and cold pressed into healing juices. Actively improve your energy with daily breath work, yoga and functional movement. Experience the release of negative emotions and thought patterns that drain your energy. Powerful cellular detoxification with daily far-infrared sauna. Pulsed magnetic resonance therapy supports detoxification, adrenal gland function and enhances cellular energy production.

Cleansing and giving your self the time, energy and nutrients to reset and heal, amplifies your vitality. Gain deeper awareness of the drivers underlying your current habits so that you can make changes if you choose to. Embed new habits to support yourself when you return to your daily routine. Acquire valuable health knowledge. Leave feeling clear, calm, re-energised and restored.

Health and mindset workshops with Matthew Bourke
Morning Yoga and Meditation
Functional Movement exercises
Nurturing Kahuna Massage
Infrared Detox Sauna sessions
Pulse magnetic resonance energy restoration system
Organic juices, broths and shakes
Personally guided liver cleansing process
Highest quality nutritional supplements

For more information regarding upcoming dates or to book please email info@optimumhealthessentials.com.au or call on 02 9999 1680


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