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Back to school

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Back to School

The end of school holidays is almost here. A collective sigh of relief from parents can be heard! Now, in these final weeks, is the best time to prepare your child for their return to school. To help, we have compiled a top 10 list of holistic health points to get you and your child off to a great start!

1) Good Nutrition
Start their day with a nutritious breakfast e.g. fresh fruit and scrambled eggs, and send them to school with a healthy, well balanced lunch. As a general rule a diet of fresh, unprocessed food, free from gluten, dairy and sugar is the best approach. This will assist in their focus throughout the day. If your child just can’t seem to concentrate or lacks energy, a nutritional assessment at Optimum Health Essentials is an essential step especially at the commencement of a new school year. Through Kinesiology we can determine food, chemical and environmental sensitivities.

2) Digestive Health
Digestive health plays a large factor in both your child’s immune system and brain function. A healthy gut flora is an important factor and an imbalance can often cause concerns with your child’s health. For example eczema, hay fever, your child’s inability to sit still and lack of concentration.

3) Posture
Your child’s posture is extremely important. Poor posture can lead to headaches, poor breathing patterns and a decrease in concentration. If you find yourself reminding your child to stop slouching, a postural assessment is vital to unlock structural faults. We can determine how to best address this problem, which if not addressed early can become a chronic problem for life.

4) Back Pain
A correct fitting back pack will reduce the strain on your child’s back. All back packs should be no heavier than 10% of your child’s weight and should always be worn around both shoulders, not sagging below the hollow of the back.

5) Nervous System
The alignment of the spine affects the calmness of the nervous system. A child’s nervous system can often be affected due to your child being out of alignment due to falls, growth or even birth trauma.

6) N.E.T
Neuro-emotional technique is a technique that helps clear stuck emotions or fear from the subconscious mind. N.E.T can help your child overcome some of the common fears of starting or returning to school. These fears may be anxiety starting kindergarten, fear of making friends or the big change from primary to secondary school. N.E.T helps kids verbalise their emotional challenges and can help them gain perspective to learn and grow from life’s challenges and not be overwhelmed by them.

7) M.R.S Mat
An effective tool used at Optimum Health Essentials to calm the nervous system is called the Magnetic Resonance System Mat. This is great for children to re balance their systems and restore lost energy. As a result, the nervous system is relaxed, the entire cell metabolism is stimulated, immune system is strengthened, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed.

8) Orthotics
At Optimum Health Essentials we have a 3D Foot scanner which will analyse your child’s feet and provide an assessment to determine if they require orthotics. Over-pronation of the feet can cause back pain, knee pain and poor posture. This can often be diagnosed as growing pains.

9) What is Pyrrole Disorder?
Pyrrole disorder (also known as Pyrroluria) is a genetically based condition which results in the abnormal synthesis/metabolism of haemoglobin. There are many signs and symptoms of Pyrroluria including anxiety, withdrawal, explosive anger, tantrums, aggression, poor morning appetite, intolerance to bright light, loud noises and strong smells and allergies to name a few. At Optimum Health Essentials we can refer your child for testing and provide solutions if your child tests positive to Pyrroluria.

At Optimum Health Essentials we are here to help you and your child make the best of the first few weeks of school and set you both up for a wonderful and successful year ahead. To make an appointment or with any questions please call us on 02 9999 1680.



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