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Balancing Our Autonomic Nerve System

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Balancing Our Autonomic Nerve System

At OHE we have a 6 steps to wellness approach on getting people well and keeping them well. Here are 6 suggestions that will help you on your path of being well (well being).


  1. Do What We Love

This may seem like a ‘no brainer’ but many people today have lost touch with what they love doing. A clue is to listen to our self talk of “should do” “must do” “need to” instead of like, choose, love to.


  1. Breath Based Movement

Our Breath is an automatic activity but we can also control it with our conscious mind, therefore it is a great way to balance our Autonomic nerve system. In traditional yoga and mind-body-spirit awareness the breath represents spirit that we draw in from around us.


  1. Look at what we’re eating

Literally. Look at it. Our body starts making digestive enzymes from the sight of looking at our food. Be relaxed when eating, get rid of the iphone, ipad and inoises. This allows our sympathetic nerve system to chillax and our parasympathetic nerve system to do its thing, digest food that gives our cells and us energy.


  1. Take a break from Electronics in the evening

Laptops, phones, TVs, news, Facebook statuses all stimulate our nerve system with their noise, their lights and constant updates. Having a break from these before bed and keeping electronic devices at least 3 feet from our head when sleeping gives us a better chance of getting those lovely healing brain waves.


  1. Be Aware of Emotional Stressors

Mental and emotional stressors effect our physiology in different ways, what are your emotional stressors and are they accumulating?

Are you responding to events more emotionally than that event warranted?

Do you feel yourself getting anxious or overwhelmed?

Do you have negative thought patterns and actions that you know are not healthy?

How do you deal with mental/emotional stressors?


We look forward to hearing how we can help. Call 02 9999 1680.



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