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It’s Time…

At Optimum Health Essentials we recognise it is now time for you! You look after the family and now it is time to look after yourself! We have three programs on offer and one of them is sure to suit. Whether it’s time to clean up your diet and lose weight or you need a full overhaul – we can help.


Core Essentials

So you’re mostly happy with your weight. You have a good diet, but like most of us, there’s a stubborn area that refuses to budge! Well this offer is the one for you. Specifically target “that” difficult area by using our Slimline Laser lights followed by the Hyper-vibe and watch those cm’s disappear. 12 sessions on our Slimline lights & Hyper-vibe at $600.00, our normal rate after offer is $1200.00


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our bad habits sneak back. This can cause us to feel sluggish, wake between 1am – 3am and have trouble shifting weight from specific areas. You know you’ll benefit from a detox diet for a few weeks. Throw in some sessions on our Slimline Laser Lights plus Hypervibe and you’ll be feeling and looking amazing. 

Optimum Health Package

Designed to totally overhaul your mind and body. Includes use of our state of the art Slimline Light technology plus Hyper-vibe, health coaching and nutritional supplements. This is designed for people who have trouble losing weight, are not great at food management and need some tools to break the cycle.


Contact our Front Desk Team on 02 9999 1680 to get your weight loss journey under way today.



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