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“PH Definitely Affects Your Life And Disease.”

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“PH Definitely Affects Your Life And Disease.”

Anything living depends on a certain environment in order for it to not only survive, but to grow and thrive. One of the most important factors that impacts our environment is pH, the balance between acid elements and alkaline elements.
Let’s take a look at how pH affects life.
Plants need the soil they live in to have an optimal pH. If the pH is off, just a little, growth will not be optimal. If its off by a lot, the plant will die.
Just like plants, fish require an optimal environment to live in. For example, the water that fish swim in and the coral reefs which, are so vitally important to our entire ecosystem, must be properly pH balanced and regulated in order for life to happen. Too much acid throws off balance and destroys life.
Everything in life must have a pH balanced environment, inside and outside of it, in order to live.

Your body is no different. If you want to experience a VIBRANT body and life, you need to create a VIBRANT environment on the inside of your body…and that starts with the right pH.

Inner balance…pH balance…will create the outer balance you desire.

In terms of your body, the optimal pH for your blood and fluids, that make up over 70% of your body weight, is roughly 7.37. That means a pH that is slightly alkaline.

If your body becomes acidic, which is around a 6, problems begin. If it becomes chronically acidic, you have the type of environment that breeds a host of health problems. Research shows a direct correlation between excess acidity and obesity, diabetes, arthritis, acid reflux, IBS, fibromyalgia, fatigue, etc.
The regulation of your pH is as important to your health as the regulation of temperature. If you’re too acidic, NOTHING in your body is going to work correctly.
How can you maintain a pH that is alkaline? At Optimum Health Essentials we offer the AlkaWand, the alkaline water energizer. The AlkaWand is designed to convert purified water to micro-clusting, alkalizing, energized, antioxidant water.
How do you know what the pH of your body is? The answer is simple. Come to the clinic so we can test your pH. So, get your pH checked now, it’s all part of “The Science of Feeling Amazing”



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