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What’s your New Year Resolution?

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 What’s your New Year Resolution?

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, stop feeling fatigued or have the energy to run around with kids/grand kids? Do you always start the year by setting goals promising to start tomorrow? When January passes do you move into old habits and lose motivation?

We have all experienced feeling motivated and excited for the year ahead. One way to hold onto this feeling, to create, maintain and achieve your goals, is for someone to help you every step of the way.

Sheena O’Beirne is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Yoga teacher and will work with you unconditionally and celebrate your goals as you work towards becoming energised, losing weight and feeling great. Her philosophy is to reawaken the body’s inherent vitality. When the body gets out of balance, which shows up as an illness, Sheena uses natural therapies to restore it to it’s natural healthy state.

Sheena studied at Nature Care College Sydney and at the University of New England for the first 2 years of her Bachelor of Health Science, moving to Charles Sturt University to study Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Human Nutrition.

Three years later she undertook further studies to become a yoga teacher and has written and recorded a relaxation CD called “Yoga for the Mind” which takes brain waves to the very edge of sleep, helping those who are stressed, anxious and over-wrought calming their mind. Sheena is also the co-author of “The Weekday Diet” (Penguin) and has contributed to a number of Australian radio stations and magazines.

In your consultation she discusses with you, your reason for seeing her, any medication you are taking, family history, daily diet and each body system (lungs, digestive and skin). Food not only effects your waist line but also your moods, energy, pain levels, skin condition, allergies. The simple power of food is fascinating.

Dietary changes are tailored just for you, to help remove whatever it is that’s causing you problems. This change comes with a full list of what food to eat and what to avoid. A list of suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your condition and a selection of recipes to help you manage the recommended changes.

Sheena’s aim is to help you take ownership of your results and achieve your goals.

To book your consultation with Sheena, please call 02 9999 1680.



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