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Protecting yourself from COVID-19

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With so much uncertainty, the intensity of life has certainly increased over the last few weeks. The COVID-19 threat has created changes and disruptions on a scale that none of us have a template for. This is uncharted territory as we move from the illusion of security and control, to the reality of life being something that is impossible to fully predict.

This situation and how we adapt and behave through it will be dependent on the filters of our mind that we experience it through.

Pandemic Explained

The Pan in pandemic is named after the Greek mythological god Pan, who is known as the God of Nature and ruler of the pasture lands. One story involving Pan is a tale of war in which the power of Pan’s roar frightens the enemy away. From this story, we get the word “panic”, the sudden uncontrollable fear that leads people into irrational behaviour.

This panic can be seen everywhere in the collective behaviour, from the sharemarket collapse to the contagious hoarding of toilet paper, as fear becomes the atmosphere of the collective and scarcity of time and resources becomes the focus of people’s attention, and the unseen threat seems to circle us like a predator just outside the range of our visibility.

Viruses Explained

But what are viruses anyway? Why do they exist? And what can we do to protect ourselves and our families? 

During my time at university viruses were thought not to meet the criteria for a life form, but that simply expressed how little we understood about the nature of life and what actually generates it. It is still an unanswered question in science, though one that we can perhaps perceive through deep meditation and other journeys into the nature of consciousness. 

Viruses are a small piece of protein (either DNA or RNA) that can invade a host cell and embed themselves in the host DNA. Once inside the host cell they use the cell to rapidly reproduce. What sort of a Grand Organised Design is that? What’s the point, you may ask? 

Well, viruses throughout our evolutionary journey have been instrumental in shaping who we are today as a species. In fact 20-30% of the genetic material in our DNA is viral in origin, and although viruses throughout the ages have been deadly to certain individuals, they have also conveyed evolutionary benefits to others. Just like us, viruses are looking to embed themselves in the genetic material of the most adapted host to the current environmental conditions so that their DNA can continue for many generations to come.

So, what determines whether a virus becomes innocuous, beneficial or virulent and deadly?

This in most cases comes down to the environment in which the virus finds itself. The vast majority of diseases emerge from mismanagement of internal and external environments:

  • The mismanagement of one’s own internal physical environment through poor habits, diet and lifestyle choices.
  • The mismanagement of one’s mental environment through a neglect of conscious mindset cultivation and a build up of unexpressed negative emotion.
  • The mismanagement of our Souls expression when we live life as an adapted version of ourselves being someone that we think will impress those we seek attention and validation from instead of inhabiting our authentic self and expressing our innate gifts.
  • The mismanagement of the natural world that we are custodians of. New viruses are emerging from environments in which the natural balance is being disturbed.
  • The mismanagement of the political, social and financial environments that we base our society on leading to vast socioeconomic inequality. The impact of COVID-19 will vastly depend on the underlying health of the culture within a community, not just the availability of ICU beds.

Given that COVID-19 is happening right now, we’ve provided key steps to protect you and your families.

  • Sunshine. On sunny days eat your lunch outside and get as much sun as you can on your skin for 10-15mins. This will enhance your natural Vitamin D which has potent immune activating and virus controlling effects. Sunlight also activates energy in the battery packs of your cells called mitochondria. Mitochondria determine the way in which your cells adapt and respond to infection or trauma – known as the Cell Danger Response. They don’t just like energy as food, they respond to electromagnetic radiation – the good form of which is light, but also the energy of the earth which we connect with when we swim in the ocean, walk with bare feet or lie on the grass.
  • Fresh Air. Allow air to flow through your house and get outside as much as possible (while you still can if you happen to live in a unit block and don’t have a backyard).
  • Meditate. In terms of daily habits this one for me is essential. Meditation lets you dissolve into the subtle energy of the universe and recharge your batteries. It helps you develop “witness consciousness” so that you can observe the emotional state you are in or the perspective you’re taking and allow yourself the time to respond in a way that can enrich your life and not respond destructively. Stress has its own physiology and the greater the stress you are in the more you compromise your immune system and your body’s ability to heal. I highly recommend finding a great teacher and I’ve loved my journey with Vedic meditation, but with “social distancing” and a potential “lockdown” coming you can also find some great guided meditations on the app “Insight Timer”. I often use “Deep Healing” by Davidji which is a 22min guided meditation on the app.
  • Reduce your negative emotional load. Lung illnesses like pneumonia often are linked to powerful negative emotions like deep unresolved grief or guilt. When we learn to identify, name, feel and express emotions we reduce the emotional load that we carry and this frees up more positive energy for healing, fun and love.
  • Think Positive. Positive emotions also enhance our creativity and help us find solutions in these challenging times instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralysed with anxiety. Remember everything in this relative world of experience has a balancing opposite. We only know hot because of cold, up because of down and love because of hate. So, release what’s holding you down, elevate your perspective and find the balancing element that you need, because it is always there.
  • Express yourself. You can also write a letter of forgiveness to someone you are resenting as this emotion is only hurting you now. It’s not necessarily “letting them get away with it”, it’s choosing to not let them influence your emotional wellbeing anymore. Just let go.
  • Fast. Whilst everyone is busy stockpiling food, it’s not a great idea to binge eat food whilst you binge on Netflix. Fasting for 14-18 hours a day is easier than you think. Just eat between 12pm and 6pm. This increases your body’s detoxification capability, reduces inflammation, improves your brain function, reduces aging, helps you maintain a healthy weight and increases your own production of something called glutathione – and you want as much of this as possible should you get Coronavirus.
  • Breath work. Energise yourself with 10 -20 full deep breaths and hold your breath at the end of each set for as long as you can. Time yourself and challenge yourself to keep extending your breath hold. Do this over three sets. People often go from 45 seconds to 2-3 minute breath holds after just a few days of practicing. This improves your capacity to manage carbon dioxide, strengthens your lungs, detoxifies your body, energises your brain and generally makes you feel happy.
  • Enhance your system by optimising key nutrients. During stress and with immune challenges your body uses up zinc quickly. Make sure you are supplementing zinc, Vitamin D, omega 3’s and using immune support herbal formulas like Armaforce and Astragalus 8. If you are experiencing a high workload and need to adapt to increased pressure, then use adaptogenic herbs like the ones found in Adrenergy formula. If you need more support around this then call for an appointment or arrange a phone consultation.

Stay safe out there, love and support each other, honour your body and mind and remember that this is not happening to us, it’s happening for us. This wave will pass and from it we will learn, grow and evolve. You are never alone, just reach out if you need us.


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