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Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

Do you experience persistent pain or is there a pattern of recurring pain? Did you know the cause of pain, especially chronic pain is often multi factorial, meaning there are many underlying causes which need to be addressed in order to create an effective solution?

There are key underlying causes that can often lead to chronic pain including:

1) Poor Structure – a lack of strength, flexibility or balance between the two. There may be underlying chronic  scar tissue which has not been addressed.

2) Biochemistry – a lack of nutrients due to an imbalanced diet can leave the body struggling to cope with inflammation and contributes to the inability of the body being able to repair/heal itself.

3) Stress and emotional health can play a big part in chronic pain, leading to an inflammatory state in the body including poor posture and biochemical imbalances.

4) Poor brain health can lead to a lack of neuro muscular control and balance which then affects the way the joints move and are stabilised, and this may lead to or contribute to chronic joint pain.

Many clients are under care due to chronic pain, whether this be from poor structure, stress etc. Take the steps to relieving your chronic pain and call us on 0299991680 or visit us at www.optimumhealthessentials.com.au.



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