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Calm and collected through the Christmas Craze

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Calm and collected through the Christmas Craze

– With Sheena’s healing herbs, for brain power

Do you sometimes forget where you left your keys or phone, or do you walk into a room and forget what you went in there for? Do if you feel like things go in one ear and out the other?

You’re not alone. Brain fog, memory lapses and cognitive decline can occur as early as 40 years old. And being stressed, or simply very busy, contributes enormously to experiencing those symptoms and can affect those even younger.

And we all know this time of year, while wonderful, can also bring stress as we prepare for a ‘perfect’ Christmas. Managing those favourite and not-so-favourite people we don’t normally see. Possibly feeling lonely despite being crushed  by the crowds. School holiday activities designed to be great fun but actually creating extra juggling. Or dealing with the elements such as bushfires above ground and bluebottles and other bitey things in the water. All of which can add a burden to our adrenals – that organ which helps us manage our stress.

Can herbs soften the strain?

Blended on site in what my patients lovingly call my ‘witch’s cauldron’, I have chosen the most effective brain stimulate and adaptogen herbs to help improve your short term memory, concentration and mental clarity, your energy levels, manage your stress and your immune system. Not only that, my clients tell me they notice improvements immediately and describe it, ‘Like you get with a shot of alcohol, but without the bad bits!’

The herbs in the mix include Lion’s Mane – the new black in the herbal medicine industry, it really packs a punch for cognition, anxiety, sleep, to name just a few benefits; Rhodiola, my favourite herb for stress, improving energy, moods and brain function; Withania, a beautiful plant that gently nourishes and supports your adrenals and improves energy levels in times of fatigue; Gingko, wonderful for short term memory; and Sage as the name says – improves memory and concentration.

Even that which is natural comes with cautions, so it’s best not to take this mix if you are pregnant or lactating – purely because  it hasn’t been tested in these circumstances. Also if you are on anti-co-agulant medication, Gingko is not advised as it does the same job. Or have one of my dearest buddies, your Optimum Health Essentials Chiropractor, check the dose best suited for you.

Most of all, enjoy your summer

A note on Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is medicine made from plants which have many naturally occurring chemicals giving its health benefits. The part of the plant used may be its leaves, flowers and roots, all of which have differing therapeutic actions. Herbal medicine is suitable for all ages, even the tiniest of tots. The dose is simply changed according to the size of the person. It is the oldest and most widely used system of medicine in the world. Many pharmaceutical drugs have been derived from chemicals found in plants and scientists are continually looking for new plants to make new medicines.

by Sheena O’Beirne, Naturopath

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