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Your alarm goes off, you are still tired. You drag yourself out of bed and it’s still cold. As you travel to a job you don’t enjoy you think “there must be something better for me“. It no longer aligns with the values you hold.

Taking the first leap into finding a new job can be daunting. Often put off by fear. Fear of the unknown or insecurity.

Fear and what drives your fear holds you back from change. The mind suggests “it’s not that bad” or “at least you have job security” and you fall into the same every day pattern and change takes second place.

Past experiences, both positive and negative, shape who we are today. Often a negative experience can leave behind a memory and an unresolved mind body pattern. We are conditioned to habit, we remember the past therefore aim for similar situations we feel comfortable experiencing.

Remember the time you went for a job you thought you would love only to only find out you were unsuccessful? You felt rejected and will try to avoid a similar feeling.

What if you could release this fear, change your thoughts and take your leap of faith? What are your values right now and how do you align these to a job you love?

At Optimum Health Essentials we will assist you to identify and resolve past patterns and behaviours holding you back, meanwhile connecting you with your true values.

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