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Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent during lockdown?

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Covid 19 has brought everyone much uncertainty over the last 18 months. If it has triggered feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty you are not alone.

The last 18 months has unveiled many challenges for everyone, especially parents. Parents were thrust into a world of home schooling, alongside working from home whilst trying to maintain some sort of balance and order within the family home. Not an easy feat as many of you have experienced.

The mere stress of sitting down with your child to tackle reading, maths, more lego, boredom, uncertainty, another explanation of why they can’t see their friends, can be rather tricky and sometimes confronting to say the least.

The certainty children have needed during this time has been placed back onto parents. Kids are always mirroring the emotions of their parents. Therefore, parents have had to be much more mindful of managing their own feelings as well as that of their children. Without the break in routine of ‘going into the office’ parents are without the escape and clear boundaries between work and home life.

Covid has certainly changed our world as we know it, but our perception of what this change means can be altered. We’ve found parents and their children have really benefitted from NET (Neuro-emotional Technique) during this period of uncertainty. NET is a mind-body technique which helps the mind process the tough feelings of overwhelm, stress, anger, guilt, fear and uncertainty we often hold in our bodies.

If Covid has triggered your need for safety and security and you have felt instead you’ve been living in a state of fear NET would be an ideal treatment.

Or for instance if time spent home schooling your child has highlighted that your child is struggling with concentration or emotional regulation, we have means to assist your little one whether it is using adjustments to calm their nervous system and brain or other modalities such as supplements and NET.

– Dr Shannon Egan (Chiropractor)


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